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Renewed commitment to Nouadhibou Free Zone in Mauritania

22 April 2015

The year beginning witnessed the first investment forum promoting Nouadhibou Free Zone (NFZ), which was established as a result of policy, legal and institutional studies prepared under the supervision of the IBES Program (formerly SEZ program) between 2011 and 2012. Confident in this successful cooperation, NFZ Authority (NFZA) decided to entrust ICD with the delivery of a technical assistance project to provide capacity development to the zone authority and identify value chain enhancements for the fishery pole due to its strategic role for the zone and country competitiveness. This was reflected in the bilateral MoU signed between ICD and NFZA in May 2014, and the subsequent tri-partite MoU between ICD, NFZA and Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) consisting in the transfer of know-how of ASEZA as a center of excellence to the newly formed NFZA in line with the Reverse Linkage modalities of IDB Group. 

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  • Renewed commitment to Nouadhibou Free Zone in Mauritania