ICD Newsletter - January - July 2018

16 July 2018
Issue No 17

Upholding the goal of our Strategy to build a better and stronger financial institution


ICD Newsletter - July - December 2017

18 January 2018
Issue No 16

2017 ended and it was an outstanding year for the ICD, with a record amount of investme


ICD Newsletter January - June 2017

24 July 2017
Issue No 15

~As we have reached the midst of the year, we all reflect on how quickly time has passe


ICD Newsletter October - December 2016

27 January 2017
Issue No 14

During 2016, ICD recorded one more year of constructive progress and is expecting more


ICD Newsletter Q3/Q4 Sha’ban - Muharram

02 October 2016
Issue No 12-13

As the year progressed, ICD delivered a satisfactory result for the first half of 2016.


ICD Newsletter Rabi-II-Rajab 1437H

11 January 2016
Issue No 11

ICD supports the economic development of its member countries through the provision of


ICD Newsletter Muharram-Rabi-I1437H

12 December 2015
Issue No 10

The first quarter of 1437H is the begining of a new start for new year which comes with


ICD Newsletter Sha'ban-Dhul-Hijja 1436H

07 December 2015
Issue No 9

The half-year newsletter highlights ICD's solid c


ICD Newsletter Rabi II-Rajab 1436H

21 January 2015
Issue No 8

The Islamic Finance is getting more and more recognition worldwide especially due to it


ICD Newsletter Q1 1436H

25 October 2014
Issue No 7

ICD promote Islamic finance through investment in project. As part of it


ICD Newsletter Second Half Year 1435H

30 April 2014
Issue No 6

ICD being its 14th year of operation, recorded another year of positive results in 1434


ICD Newsletter Half Year 1435H

04 November 2013
Issue No 5

ICD believes that being economically successful and internationally competitive generat


ICD Newsletter Q3 Q4 1434H

08 June 2013
Issue No 4

ICD believes that being economically successful and internationally competitive generat


ICD Newsletter Q2 1434H

11 May 2013
Issue No 3

ICD’s mission, within the IDB group, is to support the private sector, by extendi


ICD Newsletter Q1 1434H

11 February 2013
Issue No 2

Central Asia is one of the key markets for the Islamic Corporation for the Development


ICD Newsletter 2012

22 May 2012
Issue No 1

The year 1433H (2012) was marked by the successful implementation of a number of struct