AlBANIA AlBANIA | Overview

Official name: Republic of  Albania

Capital: Tirana

Official languages:  Albanian

Monetary unit: Lek

Population (million - 2013): 2.9

Total area (sq km):  11, 082


Located in Eastern Europe, Albania shares borders with Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Greece. Albania is a middle-income country that has made enormous strides in establishing a credible market economy, which observed one of the highest growing trends in Europe over the past many years.

Looking forward the future, the government of Albania is in the process of a number of reforms related to: improving the effectiveness of social protection systems and key health services, strengthening public expenditure management and fiscal consolidation, increasing regulatory and institutional reforms, and reducing infrastructure deficits. As agriculture remains one of the largest and most important sectors in Albania, attention are given to small farm size and land fragmentation, poor infrastructure, market limitations, limited access to credit and grants, and inadequate rural institutions.


Year joined ICD:
Number of projects approved: 1
Gross Approval ($US million): 2.15
Gross Disbursement ($US million): 1.86