Official name: Bangladesh

Capital: Dhaka

Official languages: Bengali

Monetary unit: Bangladesh Taka

Population (million -2013): 156.6

Total area (sq km): 147,570


Located at the top of Bay of Bengal and the mouth of Ganges River, Bangladesh is a developing country that is currently in factor driven development stage. The economy has been growing steadily around 6 percent in the recent years, and human development went hand-in-hand with economic growth. Bangladesh succeeded in achieving a sustainable reduction of poverty incidence by almost a third in the past decade.

Bangladesh set a target to be a middle-income country by 2021. The country is undergoing substantial economic and social change, such as demographic transition, rapid industrialization and structural change, and substantial rural-urban migration. Hence, going forward, eliminating infrastructure bottlenecks and improving the investment climate are top priorities for Bangladeshi Government. Further efforts will be devoted by the Government in maintaining macroeconomic stability; strengthening revenue mobilization; deepening financial-sector and external trade reforms; improving labor skills, economic governance, and urban management.

Year joined ICD:

Number of projects approved: 10

Gross Approval ($US million): 192.80

Gross Disbursement ($US million): 45.21