Official name: Republic of Guinea-Bissau

Capital: Bissau

Official languages: Portuguese

Monetary unit: West African CFA Franc

Population (million -2013): 1.7

Total area (sq km): 36,120


Located in western Africa and fronting the North Atlantic Ocean, Guinea-Bissau is one of the world’s most fragile countries. Guinea-Bissau is bounded by Senegal to the North, Guinea to the East and South, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West. The country growth has been suppressed by a military coup in 2012, but started to recover post-2014 election.

Going forward, post-2014 election recovery will set conducive stage for the country to resolve its extensive poverty dilemma. The new government made a considerable effort to revive revenue administration and collect fees, such as fishing compensation, resulting in an increase in revenue collection of 40 percent in 2014, compared to 2013. Export of cashews is the major economic income to the country.

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