Official name: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Capital: Amman

Official languages: Arabic

Monetary unit: Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

Population (million): 7.9

Total area (sq km): 89,342


Jordan is located at the heart of the Middle East. It is bordered by Syria in the North, Saudi Arabia in the East and South, Palestine in the West, Iraq in the East, and the Gulf of Aqaba in the South-west. Jordan is an upper middle-income country and its GDP per capita had moresuccess in pursuing structural reforms in education, health and privatization and liberalization.

Jordan has been introducing social protection systems and reforming subsidies, creating the conditions for public-private partnerships in infrastructure and making tax reforms, including tax administration and management.creating conditions for increased private investment and improved competitiveness will help deliver the growth needed to generate employment and reduce poverty.

Year joined ICD:

Number of projects approved: 13

Gross Approval ($US million): 79.10

Gross Disbursement ($US million): 29.36