Official name: Republic of Suriname

Capital: Paramaribo

Official languages:  Dutch

Official religion:  None

Monetary unit: Suriname Dollar (SRD)

Population : 566,846

Total area (sq km):  163,270


Positioned on the northern edge of South America, Suriname is the smallest country in South America. The upper-middle-income country, Suriname has been the best-performing economies in the Caribbean over the last decade where the country had an average growth of 4.5 percent.

economy depends heavily on income from its natural resources. The extractive industries (gold, oil, and bauxite) are vital towards Suriname’s economic development and it is very reliant onto the climate vulnerability. Therefore, the government of Suriname had established The National Development Plan to diversify the economic activities via the private sector involvement and affirmative action in dealing with climate change.


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