China and the OIC explore potential cross-border opportunities

22 March 2017

News & Press Release

Beijing, CHINA [22 March 2017] – The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) returned to Beijing for the second time with its highly successful China OIC Forum. Organized by REDmoney events, the event gathered 200 regulators, policymakers, senior market players from the private sector and multilateral institutions across the world, to explore the significant potential cross-border investment opportunities between China and the OIC bloc.

Stronger China-OIC ties, especially driven by President Xi Jinping’s ambitious ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) initiative, has opened up new doors of opportunities for both Chinese entities looking outward beyond the Chinese borders for capital gains as well as foreign players keen to gain exposure into the fast-growing economy of China. Welcoming an array of distinguished speakers including Liu Zhengming, Managing Director of Silk Road Fund; Shi Jiyang, CEO of China Africa Development Fund; Ihsan Delikanli, the president of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank; Dr Ma Jun, Chief Economist of the People’s Bank of China and Marat Kabaev the president of the International Association of Islamic Business in Russia, experts discussed and explored a variety of topics such as how to connect with Chinese private and state-owned enterprises in capitalizing on the OBOR initiative, which OIC countries should Chinese enterprises invest in, how can foreign players take advantage of the infrastructure investment focus of Chinese investors, opportunities and future developments within OIC countries seeking investment, and facilitating investment activities between China and OIC countries.

Other topics discussed include alternative funding options, China’s green financing activities and responsible investing. Delegates hailed from across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and China. 

China and the OIC explore potential cross-border opportunities

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