08 juin 2018

08 juin 2017

The Annual Development Effectiveness Report


The 1435H Annual Development Effectiveness Report (ADER) chronicles the development achievements of Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD). ADER outlines ICD’s contribution to achieving the strategic objectives of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group. In addtion it 2 describes ICD’s development effectiveness framework and the operational context in which ICD operates. 

The Report highlight the results obtained during the period covered in the report and displayed ICD’s contributions to the private sector development. 

Finally, ADER provides an analysis of the way forward for ICD in the areas of private sector development and promotion of Islamic finance.

23 octobre 2014

ICD Corporate Premium Fund

To create an “Enabling Environment” for the growth of Islamic Finance and build “Partnerships” with the private sector to enhance fund management and resource mobilization capabilities. 

29 mars 2017


ICD Newsletter Q1 1436H

ICD promote Islamic finance through investment in project. As part of its new strategy,
ICD’s investment in the financial sector has gathered further momentum in 2014.

25 octobre 2014


EBES_Istanbul_Wake up call Bangladesh

Access to finance appears to be among the most severe obstacles of the private firms’ growth particularly in developing and less developed countries. Using the micro data over 1,500 enterprises, our study aims to understand the determinants of firm-level access to external finance before and after the global financial crisis 2008-09, and how in general the crisis affected the financing obstacles across the firms in Bangladesh. We find that the small, domestically owned enterprises and firms with small capacity utilization are facing higher financing obstacles than other firms. It is also found that there is statistically significant increase in financing obstacles of Bangladeshi firms which can perhaps be explained by the “implicit” or indirect effect of the global financial crisis. Finally, we found that the root cause of increase in financing obstacles of Bangladeshi firms in post-crisis period is at least partly related to banks’ credit procedures which became tighter and more sophisticated, in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

07 octobre 2014


Kazakhstan_SMEs Diagnostics

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Diagnostics Report is produced by the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), the private sector arm of Islamic Development Bank (IDB). It provides an overview of business environment and analysis of key indicators of business climate in each IDB member country (MC) and reports main characteristics and business constraints of SMEs in comparison to its regional and/or world average performances. The reports may serve as a useful tool for both policymakers and entities within the IDB Group interested in SMEs and private sector development in MCs.
The report consists of seven sections. Section 1 sheds light on ease of running business from regulation point of view. Section 2 describes main characteristics of SMEs while Section 3 briefs on sectoral characteristics of firms. Section 4 analyzes financial inclusion of private sector firms. Section 4 briefly talks about the SMEs’ access to infrastructure. Major challenges that firms are facing is discussed in Section 5. Section 6 concludes with some policy recommendations.

11 août 2013

Focus Reports

Islamic Finance in Africa - A Promising Future –

The report is being published as the global banking community comes together to define a transformative new landscape to integrate Islamic finance into the mainstream.

The birthplace of a quarter of the global Muslim population, the report highlights that Africa features a potentially strong demand for Islamic financial services and products. While still comparatively under-developed, Islamic finance is expanding in many parts of the region, and is now present across most of North Africa and in many countries of East and West Africa, particularly those with sizeable Muslim communities.

12 octobre 2015


ICD Bulletin / Quarter 4 - 2012

ICD Bulletin present a snapshots of ICD operations and provides a useful statistics and economic indicators of ICD member countries

31 décembre 2012

Annual Report

Annual Report 1426 H

Annual Report 1426 H (2005 - 2006)

10 février 2005

Articles of Agreement

The Article of Agreement

The Agreement Establishing the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD).


21 janvier 2016
The Article Of Agreement

Investment Guidelines

Investment Guidelines

The terms and conditions of financing are determined according to market conditions, the country and project specific risks. Please refer to the investment guidelines in order to know how the financing conditions


21 janvier 2016
Investment Guidelines