Advisory and IBES Program


The Islamic Financial Institutions Development Program works on advising financial institutions on creating Islamic independent subsidiary/windows, converting conventional financial institutions into Islamic entities, and creating new Islamic banks/vehicles focused on the local markets, especially small and medium enterprises.

As the demand for Islamic products grows, institutions in ICD’s member countries, the program helps in developing Islamic Finance products and capabilities in private sector institutions in its member countries.

Types of Services

  1. Conversion/Establishment: Convert conventional financial institutions into Islamic ones or create an Islamic independent subsidiary/window (including banks, insurance companies, leasing companies, and mortgage companies.)
  2. Fund Raising/ Advisory: Assist Islamic financial institutions in raising capital, restructure and merge with other institutions, and support the existing Islamic institutions to enhance their operational processes, boost their financial resources and diversify their products
  3. Regulation: Advice governments to develop and implement a new regulation and supervision system for Islamic financial institutions and assist these governments in enhancing & developing their existing Islamic financial system.
  4. Capacity Building: includes identifying knowledge gaps, theoretical training & developments program, practical training in our financial institution's subsidiaries around the globe, and knowledge transfer & tools.

Infrastructure and Privatisation Advisory:

There is a significant need for core infrastructure development in ICD’s member countries especially in the area of transportation, energy, telecommunications, and industrial development.

The Infrastructure and Privatization Advisory Program is positioned to advise on the development and financing of small and medium-scale infrastructure projects (private sector or public-private partnership projects) such as Independent Power Projects, Utilities, Telecommunication and Industry

In addition, ICD is looking to capitalize on the capacity to advise governments on both privatization strategy and specific privatization transactions in order to attract private sector investment into key sectors.

Sukuk & Capital Markets Advisory:

The Sukuk and Capital Markets Program seeks to help member countries develop Islamic Capital Markets and Islamic Yield Curves, by advising member governments on issuing short-term and long-term Sukuk which will provide the banking sector with the needed liquid instruments to invest surplus capital. This will add to the flow of Sukuk issuance in member countries, which will help develop their debt capital markets and diversify the funding options that are available to these countries.  The program also works with the private sector to structure and distribute tradable Islamic instruments.

Industry and Business Environment Support Advisory:

Through the IBES program, ICD seeks to support IDB Group member countries in the development of a conducive enabling environment for business, improve firms’ competitiveness, enhance value chains, and promote industrialization in productive sectors.

The IBES program has four broad themes. Each theme will include several interventions. A final project design may address multiple themes and may include more than one intervention under its components.

Types of Services

  1. Technical Oversight
  2. Project Management and Monitoring
  3. Resource Mobilization and Financial Management