Islamic Financial Institutions


Islamic Financial Institutions program aims to assist financial institutions during their integration process into Islamic finance whether it is a full conversion, set up Islamic window, Islamic leasing companies, or high level management training and capacity development on Islamic banking. The IFI advisory team leverages on IDB Group network and expertise to deliver the best value to its clients.

IFI program offers advice on:

  1. Transformation/ Establishment of financial institution:
  • Advises on the full conversion of conventional financial institutions (FIs) into Islamic FIs.
  • Advise on the establishment of new Islamic Financial Institution, subsidiary, Branch or Window in various countries


  1. Restructuring of financial institution:
  • Assist Islamic financial institutions in raising capital, restructure and mergers & acquisitions transactions.
  • Help the existing Islamic institutions to enhance their operational processes, boost their financial resources and diversify their products.


  1. Developing regulatory framework
  • Advise Governments on the development of policies, regulatory frameworks ad guidelines of Islamic Financial institutions.
  • Assist Governments in enhancing & developing their existing Islamic financial system.

  1. Capacity building on Islamic banking
  • Identify knowledge gaps.
  • Theoretical Training & developments program.
  • Practical training and business case/ simulation workshops.
  • On-job training in our investees and partner financial institutions around the globe


Since inception in 2012, IFI program has achieved an excellent track record by implementing more than 30 projects in 21-member countries.