Banking & Non-Banking Equity

We aim to strengthen the private sector and improving the effectiveness of ICD’s private sector development initiatives through the development of Islamic Finance “channels” or institutions.

The last two decades have witnessed the rapid growth of Islamic banking around the world, both in volume and numbers. Islamic banking has established itself as an emerging alternative to interest-based banking and is taking root in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries. ICD plays a leading role in supporting and strengthening Islamic financial institutions to ensure that financing or capital reaches the highest number of beneficiaries, defined as SMEs and corporates with sustainable businesses or projects, respectively. The main objectives of our activities are as follows:


The Banking Equities

Islamic banks operate in over sixty countries, most of them in the Middle East and Asia. The Banking Equities Division under the Global Markets Equity department was launched to complement the ICD strategy of strengthening the private sector and improving the effectiveness of ICD’s private sector development initiatives.

As a leading Islamic Equity Finance provider, the Banking Equities Division of the ICD helps support the Islamic Banking Industry through equity participation. Its extensive transaction experience and knowledge of the Islamic Banking Industry allow it to provide differentiated, value-added insights, and investments to our member countries looking to expand their Islamic banking industry.

The Non-Banking Equity

The Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs) sector of our Member Countries has grown in importance as reflected in its strong increase in size and growing interconnectedness with the banking sector in specific and with the overall financial system in general. Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs) play a significant role in meeting the diverse financial needs of various sectors of an economy and thus contribute to the economic development of the country by enhancing financial access to a greater part of society. Our aim is to support the development of a dynamic and innovative NBFI sector within member countries to enhance their contribution to the economy by facilitating its efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness, and overall sustainability.

We are looking for investment opportunities with quality management, promising growth, a strong balance sheet, sound co-investors, and market dominance or niche.