ICD Management

Eng. Hani Salem Sonbol
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Nazih Al-Naser
Senior Advisor to the CEO
Abdullah Khatib
Senior Advisor to the CEO
Muhammad Al-Amine Muhammad Al-Bashir
Advisor to the CEO on Shariah Matters
Bahaaledine Kirimly
Acting Chief Investment Officer, Business Solutions Complex and the General Manager, Banking Department
Mohammed Ataur Chowdhury
Acting General Manager, Equity Department and Division Manager, Banking Investment
Dr. Mohammed Alyami
General Manager, Development Effectiveness Office
Nourredine Lafhel
General Manager, Special Operations Office
Osman Buyukmutlu
General Manager, Strategy Department
Omar Hashem
General Manager, Corporate Services & Communication Department and Acting General Manager, People and Culture Department
Samer Babelli
General Manager, Finance Department
Dr. Mansur Noibi
General Manager, Legal & Compliance Department
Mohammad Kamran Mohammad Rafiq
Acting General Manager and Division Manager, Credit Risk Management
Hussam AbuAisheh
General Manager, Internal Audit Department
Hamza Boukili Makhoukhi
Division Manager, Partnerships